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An interactive medicines optimisation and compliance dashboard and evaluation framework

Celgene, in partnership with the Cancer Vanguard, will develop an ‘Interactive Medicines Optimisation and Compliance Dashboard and Evaluation Framework’ using the Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT) dataset. The dashboard will enable a visual analysis of the underlying dataset and will identify potential sub-optimal use of medicines.  It will also facilitate the multi-disciplinary team to review and amend prescribing with respect to utilisation of treatment, where appropriate, to improve patient outcomes.

The second part of the project will be to develop an assessment framework to evaluate the service delivery models used across the Cancer Vanguard (a) from the patient perspective and (b) in terms of the operational and financial impacts for the NHS.  The objective is to offer better choice and experience for patients, encouraging treatment compliance/optimisation, while understanding the impacts on NHS resources, ideally identifying cost-saving or cost-neutral options.

This project is intended as a proof of concept, although there is an awareness that this concept is not limited to products/therapies within the Celgene portfolio and may subsequently be broadened to cover additional therapies.