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  • Cancer services in London during the COVID-19 pandemic

    A new approach to cancer care across the capital is being introduced to ensure patients get the lifesaving treatments they need during the Covid-19 pandemic. Cancer services across London are now being coordinated by a specialist ‘Cancer Hub’ led by The Royal Marsden and University College London Hospitals.

    The Hub will ensure NHS hospitals continue to deliver as much cancer treatment as possible across the capital, with an initial focus on surgery, which requires critical care beds. It will also support hospitals across the NHS and independent sector to work together to maximise capacity and ensure that people receive the treatment that they need.

    Patients will remain under the care of their doctor or nurse specialist at the trust where they are currently being cared for, however they may move to another site for surgery. Patients should continue to work with their local clinical team, who will make all the necessary arrangements with the cancer hub.
    Decisions about the best approach to treatment will continue to be taken by specialist cancer doctors with their patients.

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  • RM Partners COVID-19 response


    Due to the necessity for all our partners to focus on preparing and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, elements of the current RM Partners cancer transformation programme will be paused, delayed or re-profiled to allow this urgent response to continue. Elements of the cancer programme will be accelerated to help support the whole NHS effort to ensure all patients receive the treatment and care they need during this time​.

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