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Our governance

RM Partners has developed a robust governance structure to oversee our transformation programme. This structure provides effective leadership and direction across all elements of our work.

Key strategic decisions are taken to the RM Partners Executive Board for approval. Membership of this board includes Chief Executive Officers from our acute provider organisations, ICS leads, and primary care representatives. Each member of the Executive Board has formal accountability to their individual organisation boards.

Supporting the Executive Board is our Clinical/Operational Board, which provides clinical and operational oversight of performance and effective delivery of transformation activities. Our North West London and South West London Cancer Boards also provide oversight in a more local forum.

RM Partners puts patients, their families, and carers at the heart of our work to transform cancer services and care. Our work programmes and projects aim to obtain appropriate and relevant input from patients, carers and people in our communities in a variety of ways to ensure patient experience is as important as clinical effectiveness.

We are currently working to further enhance our people and community engagement and involvement approach. Further details will be available in due course.