The Independent Cancer Taskforce report, ‘Achieving World-Class Cancer Outcomes – A Strategy For England 2015-2020’, provides clear recommendations for improving outcomes for people living with and beyond cancer (LWBC). Two of the recommendations relate to implementation of the Recovery Package and of stratified follow up, and RM Partners is working to implement these across west London. .

Recovery Package

The Macmillan Cancer Support Recovery Package includes four key elements:

  • A Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA) should be offered to patients at specific points such as after diagnosis and at the end of planned treatment. It is usually a simple questionnaire completed by the person affected by cancer and provides an opportunity for them to highlight the most important issues to them at that time. It can be used to develop a care and support plan and ensure their needs are met.
  • Treatment Summaries should be provided after each planned treatment phase is completed. Provided to the GP and the person affected by cancer, it is a document that has been completed by secondary care healthcare professionals about the treatment and potential side effects, signs and symptoms of recurrence, and who to contact with any questions or concerns.
  • Cancer Care Reviews involve a discussion with the GP, practice nurse or member of the community health team about ongoing support the person affected by cancer may need and services available in their area. This should happen within 6 months of initial diagnosis and after treatment is finished.
  • Health and well-being events can range from an afternoon event to a course taking place over several weeks. All should provide information on healthy lifestyle choices, consequences or side effects that may be experienced as a result of treatment, and signs or symptoms of recurrence to be aware of. These events should be offered to all people that have been affected by cancer.

Working with other London-based Cancer Alliances, we are supporting all of our partner Trusts through maximising IT infrastructure and clinical leadership, so they can implement the Recovery Package by 2020 as recommended in the national cancer strategy.

For further information on living with and beyond cancer, including the Recovery Package, please contact Vanessa Brown.

Stratified Follow-Up

The Taskforce also recommended that people treated for cancer should be able to access care and support tailored to their needs. Alongside this they should receive the necessary support to empower them to remain in control of their health and well-being.

Working with other London-based Cancer Alliances, we are committed to implementing stratified models of follow-up, including both professional-led and supported self-management.

An individual will receive a personalised plan of care based on specific treatment information and Recovery Package interventions. Stratified follow up is designed to improve personal experience and outcomes.

For further information on stratified follow-up please contact Melissa Wright.