RM Partners
5th Floor, Alliance House
12 Caxton Street
London SW1H 0QS
Email: rmpartners.info@nhs.net
Twitter: @RMPartnersNHS

For media enquiries

Please contact Ricki Ostrov on 020 7811 8892, Ricki.Ostrov@nhs.net

Please note:
We are unable to respond to individual enquiries relating to health conditions. If you have any questions or concerns please contact your hospital consultant or GP.

RM Partners Programme Team

Managing Director, Susan Sinclair, s.sinclair3@nhs.net

Clinical Programme Lead: Dr Emma Kipps, e.kipps@nhs.net

Programme Director: Timothy Bill, Timothy.Bill@nhs.net

Programme Director: Elizabeth Pegers, epegers@nhs.net

Strategic Finance Manager: Anneliese Jacklin, Anneliese.Jacklin@nhs.net

Head of Informatics: Sadia Begum, sadia.begum@nhs.net

Informatics Manager: Hope Lines, Sayaka-Hope.Lines@nhs.net

Communications Manager: Ricki Ostrov, ricki.ostrov@nhs.net

RM Partners Project Leads

Lung: John Burchill, john.burchill1@nhs.net

Patient Experience and Patient Involvement: Katharine Malhotra, Katharine.Malhotra1@nhs.net

Pathway Programme Lead: Lindsay Farthing, l.farthing@nhs.net

Personalised Cancer Care: Vanessa Brown, Vanessa.Brown5@nhs.net

Primary Care: Claire Barry, Claire.Barry@nhs.net

Research and Innovation: Michelle Chen, Michelle.Chen@nhs.net  

Senior Adult Oncology: Maureen McGinn, Maureen.McGinn@nhs.net

Specialised Commissioning Programme Lead: Amanda Heeralall, Amanda.Heeralall@nhs.net

Workforce: Nate Hill, nate.hill1@nhs.net

RM Partners Pathway Groups

Please contact Anita McWhirter, Anita.Mcwhirter@rmh.nhs.uk, for enquiries relating to:

  • Medicines Optimisation

Please contact Maureen McGinn, Maureen.Mcginn@nhs.net, for enquiries relating to:

  • Head, Neck and Thyroid

Please contact Toks Magbagbeola, Toks.Magbagbeola@nhs.net, for enquiries relating to:

  • Gynaecology
  • Skin

Please contact Maria Physicos, Maria.Physicos@nhs.net, for enquiries relating to:

  • Urology

Please contact John Burchill, John.Burchill1@nhs.net, for enquiries relating to:

  • Lung

Please contact Manish Shah, Manish.Shah2@nhs.net, for enquiries relating to:

  • Breast

Please contact Richard O’Brien, richard.obrien3@nhs.net, for enquiries relating to:

  • West London, Surrey and Sussex Radiotherapy Network

Please contact Charlotte Carne, charlotte.carne1@nhs.net, for enquiries relating to:

  • Haemato-oncology
  • Upper GI
  • Lower GI

Please contact Amanda Heeralall, amanda.heeralall@nhs.net, for enquiries relating to:

  • Sarcoma

Please contact Jason Tong, jasontong@nhs.net, for enquiries relating to:

  • South Thames Children, Teenagers and Young Adults Cancer Network