RM Partners provides a number of publications and resources, including reports, access to urgent cancer referral forms, and videos, to inform healthcare professionals and patients about cancer care and services. Many of the resources and documents produced by the London Cancer Alliance that are still current are available here. Others are available at the archived London Cancer Alliance website.


  • RM Partners Breast Referral Guidance for Primary Care June 2022
    RM Partners has been working alongside clinicians from both primary and secondary care, to develop a useful pictorial guide for primary care to be aware of different breast symptoms and when it is appropriate to refer to secondary care.
  • RM Partners Cancer Strategy for North West and South West London 2021-2025
    The RM Partners Cancer Strategy 2021-2025 describes our long-term vision in how we will deliver more patients being diagnosed at an earlier stage and increasing survival following a diagnosis of cancer. The strategy has been developed with all our stakeholders, including the two integrated care systems that we cover (North West London and South West London) and aligns compatibly with their long-term strategic aims for us to deliver collaboratively comprehensive cancer care across each system.
  • Cervical Screening in Trans Men and Non-binary People with a Cervix: Guidance for Primary Care November 2021
    This guidance for primary care on providing cervical screening for trans men and non-binary people with a cervix builds on the successful RM Partners No Barriers pilot. The guidance was developed by people with lived experience and across primary care, secondary care, specialist and charitable sectors, and aims to raise awareness among primary care clinicians of the particular needs of this community, and ensure they receive equitable access to healthcare in their local community.
  • RM Partners Annual Review 2018/19
    RM Partners Annual Review 2018/19 showcases our projects looking at improving early detection, and enabling faster diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, with more patients than ever living with and beyond cancer, we feature our work aimed at supporting health and well-being which in turn can help to optimise quality of life.
  • RM Partners Annual Review 2017/18
    The RM Partners Annual Review celebrates our transformational cancer work across west London. The review contains a number of examples that illustrate the positive impact our work is  having on improving care and experience for people affected by cancer.
  • Clinical guidelines and protocols
    We have made available a number of clinical guidelines and protocols many originally produced by the London Cancer Alliance, to improve diagnosis and treatment of a range of different cancers.
  • Faster diagnosis standard
    NHS England has introduced the Faster Diagnosis Standard (FDS) to ensure all patients referred under a suspected cancer pathway, or from a national screening programme, receive communication by day 28 regarding whether cancer has been diagnosed or ruled out. RM Partners has developed communication material to support those working within primary or secondary care.
    RM Partners Faster Diagnosis Standard information January 2020
    Transforming Cancer Services London has also produced information for primary care on the Faster Diagnosis Standard, which is available at the Healthy London Partnership website.
  • Frontier Economics early diagnosis interventions evaluation June 2020
    An external evaluation of the RM Partners early diagnosis interventions programme by Frontier Economics and NatCen Social Research, has demonstrated our success in improving cancer services and developing a strong network of organisations.
    Ipsos Mori early diagnosis interventions evaluation November 2019
    An external evaluation of the RM Partners Transformation Fund intervention projects by Ipsos Mori and York Health Economics Consortium has demonstrated our success in delivering improvements in earlier detection and faster diagnosis of cancer.

  • National Cancer Strategy
    The NHS England National Cancer Strategy, Achieving World-Class Cancer Outcomes, was published in 2015 by the Independent Cancer Taskforce. The report set out a vision for what cancer patients should expect from the health service. Cally Palmer, National Cancer Director for England, launched a plan to make these changes a reality by 2020, including the establishment of 19 Cancer Alliances across the country to lead implementation of the strategy locally.
  • Palliative care resources
    The RM Partners Palliative Care Group was established to improve the access, experience and outcomes for patients requiring palliative care, irrespective of diagnosis, across London. In November 2018 it handed over responsibility for specialist and end of life care improvement work to the relevant north west and south west London Sustainability and Transformation Partnership leads.
    A number of publications and resources were produced by the group but are now hosted by other organisations.
    Palliative syringe pump charts or Medicines Authorisation and Administration Records (MAAR) charts. These should be available on each CCG and Trust/hospice/community service website or intranet.
    Specialist palliative care referral form. This is now hosted by the NHS England (London) End of Life Care Clinical Network. http://www.londonscn.nhs.uk/networks/others/end-of-life-care/.  For further information please contact Lucy Nelson, Senior Clinical Project Manager, NHS England and NHS Improvement, London Region, End of Life Care Clinical Network at: Lucy.nelson18@nhs.net
  • Personalised cancer care resources
    A range of resources for healthcare professionals working with people living with and beyond cancer, can be used across RM Partners. These include resources for implementing aspects of the Recovery Package, including Holistic Needs Assessments.
  • Cancer Vanguard Evaluation
    As part of the national Cancer Vanguard, RM Partners worked with external evaluators from Technopolis Group and Optimity Advisors to determine the impact of its work on cancer outcomes and patient experience; the value delivered across all three Vanguard partners; and whether the work can be replicated. The purpose was not to determine a ‘one size fits all’ model of care but rather to identify opportunities to learn from the work of the Vanguard and spread this learning nationally amongst the other 16 Cancer Alliances.
    Cancer Vanguard Evaluation – Executive Summary June 2018
    Cancer Vanguard Evaluation October 2018
    Cancer Vanguard Evaluation – illustrative summary

Referral forms

  • Pan London urgent referral forms
    The Transforming Cancer Services Team has produced Pan-London Suspected Cancer Referral Forms. These replace the suspected cancer referral forms produced by the former cancer networks. The forms, educational resources and support information are available from Healthy London Partnership.


Our collection of videos provides an insight into some of the work that we do across north west and south west London.

These include information videos for patients and for healthcare professionals on the RAPID prostate diagnostic pathway and information films to guide patients through blood disorder tests.

All of our videos are available on our YouTube channel.