RM Partners has been tasked with radically restructuring the cancer care systems across west London to truly transform the model of care and improve outcomes and experience for our patients. With our partners, we are leading on the delivery of the recommendations in the NHS National Cancer Strategy.

The programme of work is overseen by three governance groups: the RM Partners Executive Group, made up of the 10 Trust chief executives, alongside commissioners and primary care leads; the Delivery Group, consisting of acute Trust chief operating officers, and the Clinical Oversight Group, which consists of clinical representatives from each of our partner Trusts and primary care leads.

As an established Cancer Alliance with a track record of delivery, we contribute to the National Cancer Programme and support other Cancer Alliances by sharing our work and learning. The aim over the coming years is to continue to deliver our vision of working in partnership to achieve world-class cancer outcomes for the population we serve. We work to reduce variation in outcomes and access, in order to further improve survival and quality of life for our population.

Our priorities are consistent with those of our constituent STPs in north west and south west London, and our work plans to deliver world class cancer services are aligned.

Our team

RM Partners is an exciting place to work. We work collaboratively with all our partners in an innovative and transformative way, guided by the latest research and analytics to inform our work plan. We make it a priority to work with our patients and the public when developing and delivering our initiatives, acting on patient feedback, to improve not just their clinical outcomes but also their experience of our services.

Our external evaluators have highlighted our team as one of our success factors:

‘High-performing team of project and change managers recruited and retained within the programme over time who take a collaborative approach to supporting clinical and other change and establish a clear framework for tracking benefits realisation.’

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Evaluation of early diagnosis interventions

RM Partners has been working with Ipsos MORI to evaluate our early diagnosis interventions. A key focus of this evaluation has been to understand the impact of these initiatives on patient experience and outcomes, and also to understand how RM Partners as a cancer alliance supports these interventions. The key findings of the evaluation to date are summarised in these two documents: