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Lynch Syndrome – Colorectal Cancer Pathway Supporting Documents

The supporting documents have been developed to further help you to follow the Lynch syndrome Quality Improvement Programme pathway. Some are specific documents to help you follow the pathway, some to support the MDT members to follow the pathway, and some others to support individual clinicians to request the necessary tests, support them with genetic counselling, requesting genetic testing, and giving the results. Here you can also find the guidelines to help you make the appropriate recommendations to your patients and their family, and the link to the patient information website and other patient resources.

Lynch syndrome quality improvement project flowcharts

Tumour testing: Identifying patients eligible for genetic testing

Genetic counselling: Consenting patients for genetic testing and giving results

Lynch Syndrome QIP guidance for the oncology MDM in RM Partners allied Trusts

This SOP aims to guide members of oncology MDMs in participating hospitals to follow the Lynch syndrome QIP early diagnostic pathway. It aims to explain the steps that MDMs need to follow, and to clarify the MDM’s responsibility with regards to what tests need to be requested, discussed, and documented in the MDM outcome.

Lynch syndrome Standard Operating Procedure December 2021

Discussing results in our regional genetics MDT meeting

Results and surveillance recommendations may be discussed in regional specialised cancer genetics MDT meeting, e.g. St Mark’s virtual (Microsoft Teams) Hereditary CRC MDM Tuesdays at 9am. If you would like to attend this meeting or present a case, you can email for the Microsoft Teams access details.

If you would like to present a case, please email this proforma to

Virtual Hereditary Colorectal Cancer MDT proforma 

Example results letter

This document has been created to give an idea of what to write in the genetic results letter. It is not intended to use as a template, but rather to give an idea on how a genetic result letter could be written

Lynch syndrome guidelines

Request and consent forms

In the right hand column you can find the request forms needed to perform further testing on the tumour sample (if there is loss of MLH1 or MLH1 + PMS2); or to consent and request genetic testing during your genetic counselling consultation. Find the following forms:

  1. Consent form for genetic testing for Lynch syndrome (all hospitals should use this form)
  2. Request form: Tumour testing for MLH1 promoter hypermethylation (use your designated molecular laboratory form)
  3. Request form for genetic testing for Lynch syndrome: EDTA blood bottle (use your hospital’s designated molecular laboratory form)

Please note, each hospital should know which molecular laboratory they are linked with.

Lynch syndrome patient resources