This collection of videos provides an insight into some of the work that we do across north west and south west London. All our videos are available on our YouTube channel.


This video provides information for GPs on the importance of dispensing a FIT test kit prior to making a two week wait referral for suspected colorectal cancer.

A guide for GPs on FIT testing for high risk patients


RM Partners has produced an information video for patients scheduled for an endoscopy during Covid-19. It explains what will happen at their appointment, the measures healthcare services are taking to ensure their safety, and why it is important to attend.

Endoscopy during Covid-19: Information for patients

Mr Nigel D'Souza on the the NICE FIT clinical trial

Mr Nigel D’Souza, Colorectal Surgical Fellow, presents the results of the NICE FIT clinical trial for the BJS Prize Session at the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland Annual Meeting, 6–8 July 2020, Edinburgh, UK.​​

FIT in Patients with High Risk Symptoms

Understanding breast pain

Dr Afsana Safa, a GP in Westminster, explains the causes of breast pain and why it is not considered to be a sign of more serious disease. She describes how breast pain feels and what steps people can take to help relieve their pain.

Understanding Breast Pain