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Second wave of targeted lung health checks on offer in west London

RM Partners, in collaboration with Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals, has again begun offering targeted lung health checks to people in Hammersmith and Fulham.

This follows on from last year’s pilot project, in which over 1,500 patients in two west London boroughs attended a lung health check. Over 1,100 of these went on to have a CT scan and, replicating international and national studies, the project found some early cancers and undiagnosed lung conditions.

Patients in participating GP practices who are between 55-75, who smoke or used to smoke, will be invited for a lung health check at Royal Brompton Hospital.

Lung health checks are carried out by a specialist team and are quick and painless. They’re a way of spotting lung-related problems early on, possibly before anything has been noticed. The check includes breathing into a spirometer machine to measure how well the lungs are working, and answering some questions about lung health. Depending on the results of the health check, a patient may be offered a same day lung scan.

In spring, the project will begin in Hillingdon CCG, with lung health checks and scans taking place in a mobile unit in a supermarket car park.

To encourage participation we are trialling the use of bus shelter advertising to publicise the opportunity to local residents.

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