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Palliative care group seeks community nursing views on provision of end of life care

RM Partners palliative care group will be holding workshops in April and May 2017, to enable community nurses to share what good end of life care looks like to them, their view of local services and what might help to ensure that more people experience that good level of care when and wherever they need it.

The need to understand when, where and how community nurses feel they can and do contribute to the provision of 24/7 end of life care in the community was identified as an important requirement by the palliative care group following a stakeholder event.

Additionally, a mapping exercise of the current service provision across London has reinforced for the RM Partners’ palliative care group the vital role of community/district nursing in being able to deliver a 24/7 end of life care service. Reaching those community nursing teams, however, to understand what good end of life care looks like to them and what helps/hinders delivery of that care has been a challenge, because of the range of providers and geographies in which they work.

For more information about the workshops please contact Maureen McGinn, Senior Project Manager, at