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More choice for cervical screening in Croydon

Croydon patients invited for cervical screening now have more options about when to attend, including at evenings and weekends, thanks to support from RM Partners. This will help make it easier and more convenient to access this life saving test.

There is also a specialist clinic for those who feel particularly anxious about screening, or would like more advice, for instance if they have previously had an abnormal result. These are conducted by a specially trained nurse.

The project is a collaboration between RM Partners, the Croydon GP Collaborative, and the South West London Clinical Commissioning Group. Jo’s Trust, the UK’s leading cervical cancer charity, has provided training to Croydon administrators and receptionists to support and encourage residents to attend their screening.

During this time, safety is paramount and patients can be reassured it is safe to attend. Robust cleaning between appointments is carried out, and staff wear appropriate personal protective equipment including an apron, visor and mask. Patients might be asked about any potential symptoms before booking an appointment and might be required to have a temperature check before being allowed to enter the building.

The Croydon clinics follow on from the successful cervical screening projects we have supported in other boroughs across west London.

A video with more information is available here.