RM Partners has developed a research function to help support its ongoing work and to continuously improve patient outcomes and help reduce patient variation.

The current research strategy supports some of the primary aims of the NHS Long Term Plan, which are to focus on making improvements to early diagnosis, improve the quality of life and patient experience outcomes, and reduce variation and inequalities.

We have funded projects which include:

  • The use of national and local datasets to inform areas of unmet need, variations in treatments and outcomes
  • Rapid adoption of innovation into clinical pathways to deliver patient benefit
  • Gather evidence at scale and pace for emerging innovations
  • Identification of non-invasive early markers of cancer
  • Validation of emerging innovations in new clinical models

Working with our London Cancer Alliance partners, North Central and East London Cancer Alliance (NCELCA) and South East London Cancer Alliance (SELCA), we have established the Pan London Cancer Alliances Research Consortium, which provides a London-based framework for research covering a population of over 8 million people. A key output of the consortium has been the Pan London Research Fellowship Programme, which supports clinicians and allied health professionals with an interest in cancer research a 12 month fully funded grant to carry our cancer-alliance led, collaborative cancer research.

A Research Board has been established that comprises senior figures from research, funding bodies and key stakeholders such as the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), four London-based  biomedical research centres (BRCs), Cancer Research UK, Macmillan Cancer Support, who provide advice on collaborative research across London.

For more information please contact Dr Michelle Chen, research manager, Michelle.Chen@nhs.net