RM Partners puts patients, their families and carers at the heart of our work to transform cancer services and care. Our patient involvement programme of work aims to obtain appropriate and relevant input from patients and carers in a variety of ways and to make patient experience as important as clinical effectiveness.

RM Partners Patient Advisory Group (PAG)

In 2017, RM Partners established a Patient Advisory Group (PAG) of cancer patients and carers, with experience of a broad range of different types of cancer drawn from across the west London area. Collectively they bring a wide range of understanding and experience of cancer, including GPs, hospitals, health services, employer support, pharmaceuticals, NHS commissioning bodies in addition to patient diagnosis, treatment and care.

We set up the PAG to provide ready access to a knowledgeable group of patients who are able to provide patient insight, leadership, challenge and advice on our work programme and the projects we run. We are continuing to develop and evolve how we use the resource they provide. We are continually working to ensure patients are involved both strategically and operationally in our work and are moving to embrace co-design of services.

The group has:

  • developed patient priorities along the cancer pathway, from diagnosis to treatment and aftercare
  • informed the development of the patient experience improvement project
  • contributed to the NHS England 10 year plan for cancer
  • co-designed and quality assured patient information including material for the National Optimal Lung Cancer Pathway, the lung low dose CT case finding, and our RAPID prostate pathway
  • participated in service design and improvement

For more information please contact Katharine Malhotra, Katharine.Malhotra1@nhs.net