RM Partners manages, hosts or supports a number of pathway groups, which consist of clinical professionals from across our partner organisations. The groups share experience, best practice and innovation in the delivery of services. They provide clinical leadership to support the delivery of specific transformation projects, and translate the recommendations of the National Cancer Strategy into practice.

More information on RM Partners pathway groups is below.

Also available are a number of clinical guidelines and protocols to help to help improve diagnosis and treatment of a range of different cancers.

RM Partners pathway groups

Transformation-funded pathway groups

Using funds from the NHS England Cancer Transformation Fund, we are able to manage pathway groups for the following specific cancer pathways:

  • Lung
  • Upper gastrointestinal
  • Lower gastrointestinal
  • Prostate

These pathways together account for 33% of all cancers in west London, and there are clear and quantifiable improvements in outcomes to be made in these pathways:

  • Survival rates drop significantly in lung and colorectal cancers as the cancer progresses.
  • These pathways account for 50% of all cancers diagnosed at stage 3 or stage 4.
  • Over 50% of breaches of the 62-day urgent GP referral were prostate, lung and gastrointestinal.
    • If half of these breaches were avoided, we would meet the 62-day wait standard.
Wider network groups

The following groups cover a wider region than west London but are hosted or part-funded by RM Partners:

  • Children’s cancers
  • Radiotherapy operational delivery network
  • Sarcoma
  • Teenagers and young adults’ cancers