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Lynch Syndrome online training for primary care clinicians

The training below will help you manage your Lynch syndrome patients as they first present to you.

The training involves watching a short video which covers:

  • A brief overview of Lynch syndrome
  • Their personalised cancer prevention programme
  • An introduction to the Lynch syndrome quick guide and how it can help you identify and manage your patient’s care
  • How to manage their first-degree family members’ care

Video 1: Lynch syndrome quick guide module for primary care clinicians

After you complete the module click here to take the test for module 1.

There is a ‘Lynch syndrome quick guide for primary care clinicians’ document available below. We suggest you download a copy to review while you are watching the video.


If you would like to find out more about Lynch syndrome or the genetic counselling process, we recommend you continue with the online training for the colorectal or endometrial MDTs Option 1.