RM Partners Annual Review

The RM Partners Annual Review, which celebrates our transformational cancer work across west London, has now been published. The review contains a number of examples that illustrate the impact our work is already having to improve care and experience for people affected by cancer.

RM Partners Annual Review 2017/18

Cancer Vanguard Evaluation

As part of the national Cancer Vanguard, RM Partners worked with external evaluators from Technopolis Group and Optimity Advisors to determine the impact of its work on cancer outcomes and patient experience; the value delivered across all three Vanguard partners; and whether the work can be replicated. The purpose was not to determine a ‘one size fits all’ model of care but rather to identify opportunities to learn from the work of the Vanguard and spread this learning nationally amongst the other 16 Cancer Alliances.

Cancer Vanguard Evaluation – Executive Summary June 2018

Cancer Vanguard Evaluation October 2018

Cancer Vanguard Evaluation – illustrative summary